About PixelTunes Radio

PixelTunes Radio is a bi-monthly hour-long podcast hosted by Mike Levy and Ed Wilson.  We love video game music, and bring you a collection of the best songs ever to come out of a console.  You’ll learn tons of interesting factoids about your favorite games along the way, and laugh along with our hilarious spoof commercials that take place inside of video game worlds.  Come laugh, learn, and listen with us!

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5 Responses to About PixelTunes Radio

  1. The Sustainabilitist says:

    A VGM podcast. We’ve got some hand-picked music from Castlevania on our homepage too! We especially enjoy music by Michiru Yamane and believe that fine art can have profound influence on an individual 🙂

  2. Zinn says:

    Dudes! This would be a great place to have your e-mail so I can send you one. I always bike when listening to your pod so I don’t have the possibility to write it down when you mention it on there and yes…. my memory is that short.

  3. Thomas Whitby says:

    Mike, I just watched your Project Altered Beast review yesterday on Dongled, your YouTube channel, and quite frankly, after only a few minutes or so, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the entire thing. Not only did your intro take FAR longer than necessary with the Castlevania fan game joke, but your acting (e.g., your execution of said joke) is THE WORST (i.e., flattest and dullest) I’ve ever witnessed on YouTube, which should say quite a lot. That, and your saying that the transformation scenes happen “LITERALLY ever time” Luke Custer transforms into one of his werebeast forms was completely unnecessary. Seriously, you have NO idea how overexposed and annoying the word “literally” has become since the mid-1990s when the whole fad of using it as an intensifier officially began, and it’s only gotten worse and worse with each passing year (especially amongst the YT video game community and elsewhere on YouTube) to the point where the term has become an even more pretentious, condescending, dim-witted, immature, redundant, and just plain OBNOXIOUS crutch word than even “like” continues to be, which should speak VOLUMES.

    I’m not saying you’re a bad video game reviewer at all or even that your review of Project Altered Beast was unfair. Quite frankly, speaking as a diehard fan of Hudson Soft’s Bloody Roar franchise (now owned by Konami since Hudson’s bankruptcy in 2012), I myself am disappointed by how underwhelming PAB ultimately turned out to be, given its overall potential in spite of the creative liberties Sega took with their own property and the game’s promising take on what the BR series refers to as zoanthropy. All I’m really saying is that you’ve got some serious kinks to work out in your review style, and I hope you make the conscious effort to iron those kinks out from this point forward, if you haven’t done so already.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • brimby says:

      I had to look this video up based on your extreme disgust. I was hoping to be blown away by the cringiest game review of all time as you described, but alas it completely failed to deliver in this regard and you have exposed yourself as a whiny pedantic imbecile. I should have been tipped off by the overexaggerated grammar nazism. Yes, I said “overexaggerated” to tick you off.

      The video was no masterpiece; it was firmly in the “mid” category. But it didn’t warrant a diatribe even half of what you gave it. Get a life.

      Thank you for your consideration.

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