PixelTunes Radio Episode 4: Sound-alikes

PixelTunes Radio Episode 4: Sound-alikes

Have you ever played a video game and thought, “Hey, that song sounds familiar?”  You’re not alone!  In this episode, Ed and Mike pick some tunes that sound suspiciously like songs you’d hear on the radio!  Visit PixelTunesRadio.com or Youtube.com/dongled for links to the popular songs we reference on the show!

Here are links to the songs we reference on the show, so you can follow along!

1. Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest – Dwellings of Doom

     Sounds like: Yngwie Malmsteen – “Far Beyond The Sun” Verse riff  .24 -.46 seconds


2. Spider Man: Maximum Carnage: Heroic Assault

     Sounds like: Black Sabbath – “The Mob Rules” The entire thing basically.


3. Sonic The Hedgehog: Master System/Game Gear: Bridge Zone

     Sounds like: Janet Jackson: Together Again


4. Outrun 2019 – Victorious

4a. Street Fighter 2 World Warrior : Ken’s Theme

     Sounds like: Cheap Trick – “Mighty Wings”


5. TMNT 1 NES: Title Theme

    Sounds like Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy”  .08 Seconds


6. Earthbound: Runaway Five’s Final Performance

    Sounds like The Door’s “Changeling”


7. Mega Man: Elec Man

    Sounds like Journey’s “Faithfully”


7a. Mega Man X3:  Neon Tiger

     Sounds like Guns and Roses My Michelle


8. Ninja Gaiden Arcade: I Am Man

    Sounds like Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”


9. SMB 3 Airship

    Sounds like Gustav Holt’s “Mars, Bringer of War” (Just the Intro, but it’s exact)


10. UN Squadron: Select Screen

    Sounds like “?????”  (Listen in to find out!)


Enjoy the show!


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