PixelTunes Radio Episode 9: Racing Trax

PixelTunes Radio Episode 9: Racing Trax

Finger perched on the accelerator button… wind in your hair… clock ticking down at the top of the screen… Racing games are always a thrilling experience, and racing soundtracks are equally intense. Join us, and our guest host Scott, as we rev our PixelTuned cars through a winding course of amazing tunes! Ten songs, nine different consoles, one amazing experience.

This episode’s Twitter hashtag is #RacingTrax

The Tracklist:

1. Top Gear (SNES) – Las Vegas – Barry Leitch
2. Power Drift (Arcade) – Like the Wind – Hiroshi Kawaguchi

3. Outrun 2019 (Genesis) – Feel the Beat – Shigeki Sako
4. Rage Racer (PSX) – Mathemabeat – Tetsukazu Nakanishi

“Ridge Racer Guy” Commercial

5. Daytona USA (Saturn) – Let’s Go Away – Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
6. 4×4 Off Road Racing (C64) – Title Theme – Paul Jaquays

7. Rockman Battle & Chase (PSX) – Over the Top – Yoshinori Ono
8. Super Spy Hunter (NES) – Stage 2 & 6 – Naoki Kodaka, Nobuyuki Hara, Shinichi Seya

“Spy Hunter Armament Pack” Commercial

9. Mario Kart 64 (N64) – Rainbow Road – Kenta Nagata
10. Flag to Flag (DC) – Point of No Return – Akihito Okama

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Enjoy the show!


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2 Responses to PixelTunes Radio Episode 9: Racing Trax

  1. Johnny Null says:

    Ever play Motor Toon GP? Fun game, and I’m no real racing fan. Other than wipEout.

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