Episode 15: Composer Yuzo Koshiro

Episode 15: Composer Yuzo Koshiro

The man’s name is synonymous with game soundtracks like Streets of Rage and ActRaiser, but did you know he was composing music and developing sound programs as far back as 1986?  We take a look at some of the highlights of Yuzo Koshiro’s amazing career, spanning from his earliest tracks to the present day.

Also, Ryu Hayabusa has a new Koshiro-related product for you, and Sega makes a terrible attempt at Streets of Rage 4 in our spoof commercials!

As always, we’ll have fun content to accompany this podcast on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we’d love to see you guys post some of your favorite Koshiro tracks and memories!

The Tracklist:

1. (1987) Legacy of the Wizard – Theme of Xemn (NES)

2. (1988) The Scheme – I’ll Save you all My Justice – PC-88 (YM2608 OPNA version)


3. (1990) Actraiser – Fillmore (Filmoa) (SNES)

4. (1990) Thrice – That’s Thrice – (Sharp X68000)

*The “Yuzo Koshirzer” Commercial*


5. (1991) Shinobi – Rush (Highway Stage 1) (Game Gear)

6. (1992) Streets of Rage 2 – Spin on the Bridge (Genesis)

*”Streets of Rage 4″ Commercial*


7. (1994) AD&D: Eye of the Beholder – Dungeon Theme (Sega CD)

8. (2010) Protect Me Knight – Blind Fugitive, Persuers, A Proud Beast, Ei-Ei-Oh!, Defeat F$%kin’ Evils! (Xbox Live Indie)


9. (2011) 7th Dragon 2020 – Tyranny of Howling Rage (PSP)

10. (2012) Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan – Labyrinth IV – Library of Puppets (3DS)

Thanks for listening!  We’d love to hear what you think!

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2 Responses to Episode 15: Composer Yuzo Koshiro

  1. That Dungeons & Dragons track was an awesome surprise. I’d heard about the soundtrack being techno and was wondering how that would work in a fantasy game. But the song worked really well, pretty dramatic and atmospheric, and actually pretty claustrophobic – perfect for a dungeon crawler I guess.

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