Episode 17: RPG Battle Tracks


Download Episode 17: RPG Battle Tracks Here! (Right click and “save as”)

Random battles sometimes seem like a real chore in RPGs… unless the music is awesome!  Mike and Ed are back with a collection of tracks that’ll keep you slicing through those random encounters.  Don’t be surprised if your ears level-up before we’re done!

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The Tracklist

1. Lufia 2 – Battle Theme 3 – Yasunori Shiono (SNES)

2. Mother 3 – Natural Killer Cyborg – Shogo Sakai (GBA)

3. Valkyrie Profile – Battle With God Syndrome – Motoi Sakuraba (PS1)

4. Final Fantasy VII – Fighting – Nobuo Uematsu (PS1/PC)

5. Chrono Trigger – Battle 1 – Yasunori Matsuda (SNES)

6. Legend of Dragoon – Minor Boss Battle – Dennis Martin & Takao Miratsu (PS1)

7. Saturday Morning RPG – Battle Scene – Vince Dicola & Kenny Meriedeth (PC)

8. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – Size up Your Enemy – Yoko Shimomura (3DS)

9. Skies of Arcadia – Battle Theme 1 – Yutaka Minobe & Tatsuyuki Maeda (Dreamcast/ Gamecube)

10. Langrisser II – The Last Battle – Noriyuki Iwadare & Isao Mizoguchi (Genesis)

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