Episode 18 – Players’ Choice with Kory & Keaton of the Players’ Score Video Game Music Documentary!


Download Episode 18: Players’ Choice w/ The Players’ Score <— Right Click and “Save As”

We’re thrilled and honored to have two very special guests for this episode: Kory Caldwell and Keaton Slansky! They’re putting together a video game music documentary called “The Players’ Score” which will feature interviews with some of the biggest names in VGM, like Jake Kaufman and Chris Hülsbeck.  They need your help, though!  Please visit their Kickstarter Page, take a look at the awesome rewards and personalities they have lined up, and consider making a pledge towards what’s sure to be an AMAZING film!

This episode is a double-team; Kory and Keaton pick the first 5 tracks, and the PTR boys take the other 5.  What ensues is a great selection of classic tracks from hugely popular games, and some enthralling discussions about why these titles are so loved.  The Players’ Score guys also announce some big surprises concerning their film!

Also, be sure to like the Player’s Score Facebook page, and follow their Twitter account for updates as they occur.  We wish them well in their project!

Keep an eye out for our poll in the next few days so you can vote for your favorite track from this episode!

The Tracklist:

  1. Lonely Rolling Star – Katamari Damacy (PS2) – Yoshihito Yano, Saki Kabata (vocals)
  1. Strike the Earth – Shovel Knight  – Jake Kaufman


  1. Air Man – Mega Man 2 (NES) – Takeshi Tateishi
  1. Gym Leader Battle Theme – Pokemon Red/ Blue (GB) – Junichi Masuda


  1. Inside the Castle Walls – Mario 64 (N64) – Koji Kondo
  1. The Hideout (Mission 4) – Double Dragon (NES) – Kazunaka Yamane


  1. Street of Luxury – Final Fight (SNES) – Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
  1. Guile’s Theme – Street Fighter II (SNES) – Yoko Shimomura


  1. Base 1-2 – Mega Turrican (Genesis) – Chris Huelsbeck
  2. Remlia Castle – Astyanax (NES) – Kiyoshi Yokomana


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1 Response to Episode 18 – Players’ Choice with Kory & Keaton of the Players’ Score Video Game Music Documentary!

  1. Justin says:

    I feel like this was curated just for me! Some of my favorite tracks new and old are in here. You guys knocked it out of the park yet again. Also thanks for the information on The Players’ Score, very excited!

    ~LMF Crew

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