Episode 22: Unreleased Gems


Download “Episode 22: Unreleased Gems” here! <– (right click and “save as”)

Join us as Aaron Hickman of Retro Obscura takes the PixelTunes guys on a journey through the seedy underbelly of video games, playing tracks from titles that never saw a retail release.  The whole roster is full of great tracks from popular composers like Matt Furniss, Jesper Kyd, and Mari Yamaguchi!  We talk about why games like Star Fox 2 and Sonic Xtreme never made it to store shelves, and let you know which ones might be found on the internet… if you look hard enough!

Do you have any inside info on unreleased titles, or know of a cool beta we may have missed?  Let us know in the comments!

Also, check out Aaron’s amazing chiptunes at https://soundcloud.com/diagamblic!

The Tracklist:

1 –  Deadlock – Main Theme – Reyn Ouwehand (Commodore 64)

2 – Burning Fist/ Force Striker – Character Select – Unknown ( Sega CD)


3 – Drac’s Night Out – Main Theme – Unknown (NES)

4 – Steven Seagal IS the Final Option – Alloy Processing Center – Fred Porter (SNES)


5 – X-Men: Mind Games – Level 1 – Jesper Kyd (Sega 32X)

6 – Sonic Xtreme  – Space Queens – Chris Senn, Howard Drossin (Saturn, PC)


7 –  Secret Ties – Incan Temple – Fumito Tamayama (NES)

8 –  Starfox 2 – Macbeth Inside  – Mari yamaguchi (SNES)


9 – ResQ  – Level 1 Theme – Matt Furniss, Shaun Hollingsworth (Genesis)

10 – Ninja Gaiden  – Level 5 Theme – Goblin Sound/Opus, Inc. (Genesis)

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