Episode 29 – Puzzling Playlist

Download Episode 29: Puzzling Playlist here! <– Right click and “save as”

Even if you’re not a puzzle game fan, we’re sure you’ve hummed the theme to Tetris or Dr. Mario to yourself at some point. The music in puzzle games is meant to be listened to for long periods of time, so the composers make sure that their pieces are catchy, melodic, and fun. Listen in as Ed and Mike discuss their favorite puzzlers, and drop some blocks… I mean TUNES, from games that they love!

Featuring Chris Huelsbeck, Hip Tanaka, Hitoshi Sakimoto, and more!

Keep an ear out for two new puzzle games, too: “Mattris” and “Tetra-porta-pegga-magic-block-slide-dropper EXTREME!”

Stay tuned for an important announcement at the end of the show.  🙂

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The Tracklist

1 – Dr. Mario (NES) – Chill – Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka

2 – Peggle Deluxe – (Multiplatform) – Peggle Beat 4 – Somatone Productions

3 – Klax (NES) – Giganticus Breathalizer – Bügsük (Alex Rudis, David O’Riva)

4 – Tetris Attack (SNES) – Yoshi Stage – Masaya Kuzume, Yuka Tsujiyoko

5 – Tetrisphere (N64) – Phony – Neil D. Voss

*6 – Carat: Magical Block (X68000) – BGM #3 – Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Yoshio Furukawa

7 – Doctor Who: Legacy (iOS, Android) – Gameplay 1 – Chris Huelsbeck

8 – Shanghai: Triple Threat (Saturn, 3DO) – Gameplay –  Shigeharu Isoda

9 – Kuru Kuru Kururin (GBA) – Ghost Castle – Atsuhiro Motoyama

10 – Portal 2 (PC) – Robots FTW – Mike Morasky (Aperture Psychoacoustics Laboratory)

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