Episode 37: Same Song, Different System vol.2

Download Episode 37: “Same Song, Different System vol.2” Here!

You loved our last “Same Song, Different System” episode, so the guys are back with more awesome tunes from multi-platform games! Mike and Ed debate their favorite versions of tracks from Golden Axe, Zero Wing, and more, while giving you the scoop on which system got the best port!

Also, we’re announcing our first listener request episode! Listen to this episode to see how you can appear on the show and share your favorite video game music with our listeners!

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The Tracklist:

*1 – Viewpoint – “Not All There (Area1)” – Shizuyoshi Okamura (Sizlla), Masaki Kase, Megumi Matsuura
Systems: Neo Geo (1992), Genesis (1994), and Sharp X68000 (1995)

*2 – Undercover Cops – “Redtailed Cat (Stage 3)” – Takushi Hiyamuta
Systems: Arcade (1992) and SNES (1995)

*3 – Golden Axe – “Wilderness”
Arcade (1989) – Tōru Nakabayashi, Yō Takada
Genesis (1989) – Arranged by Nankyoku, Decky, Imocky
C64 (1990) – Arranged by Jeroen Tel
Playstation 2 (2003) – Arranged by Makoto Iida

*4 – Zero Wing – “Open Your Eyes” – Tatsuya Uemura,  Toshiaki Tomisawa, Masahiro Yuge
Systems: Arcade (1989), Mega Drive (1991), PC Engine CD (1992)

*5 – Mega Man X3 – “Zero’s Theme”
SNES (1996) – Kinuyo Yamashita
PSX/ Saturn (1996) – Arranged by Toshihiko Horiyama, Shusaku Uchiyama, Yoshino Aoki

*6 – 1943 Kai – “Air Battle B” – Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi, Junko Tamiya, Hiroshige Tonomura, Tamayo Kawamoto, Harumi Fujita
Systems: Arcade (1988), PC Engine (1991)

Which versions of our tracks were YOUR favorite?  Let us know in the comments, or tweet at us @pixeltunesradio!

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2 Responses to Episode 37: Same Song, Different System vol.2

  1. DANMAKUMAN says:

    You missed that there are 2 versions of the soundtrack of the Arcade version of Undercover Cops. You only showed one. And the original arcade tune is much more better than the SNES one.

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