Episode 39: Violent Storm

Download Episode 39: “Violent Storm” Here!

“Who’ll be the hero?” Ed and Mike bust through the gates and bring you Violent Storm, a hilarious Konami arcade brawler featuring an eclectic and fantastic soundtrack! The music was co-composed by Kenichiro Fukui, famous for his work on the Front Mission series and his membership in Nobuo Uematsu’s band “The Black Mages.” Every song in this game is stellar, and some will even have you singing along to cheesy 80’s lyrics!

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The Tracklist:

Violent Storm (Konami, 1993, Arcade) – Kenichiro Fukui, Seiichi Fukami

Intro – Pleased to Meet You

1 – Who’ll Be the Hero? (1st Stage)

2 – On the Train (2nd Stage)

3 – Feel My Power (3rd Stage 1)

4 – Sharara’s Dancing ~ Light Steps (3rd Stage 2)

5 – We Are Free (5th Stage)

6 – Hey! Hey! Hey! (6th Stage)

7 – The Final Technique (7th Stage)

8 – VS Geldo (final boss)

9 – Nice Fight. Congratulations (Name Entry)

10 – Are You Ready to Have a Good Time? (Ending)

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