Episode 41: Free Pick Championship Edition

Download Episode 41: “Free Pick Championship Edition” Here!

Havoc vs. Socket. Morrigan vs. Blinx. Giana vs. Trace! It’s a free pick episode with a twist! Mike and Ed have selected some of their favorite songs to share, and they’re pitting them against each other. YOU get to decide who wins!  Check out the categories in the tracklist section, and comment with your favorite picks for each one.  We’ll announce the winning tracks (and winning host) on a future episode of PTR.

Ready? FIGHT!

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The Tracklist:

“Sonic Ripoff” Category

1 – Socket (Genesis) – “Treasure Castle” – Fumito Tamayama, Yoko Suzuki, Shigenori Masuko


2 – High Seas Havoc (Genesis) – “Lonely Journey” – Emi Shimizu, Masaaki Iwasaki


“Shameless Publisher Guest-Star” Category

3 – Wai Wai World 2 SOS!! Paseri Jou (Famicom) – “Run, Rickle!”  – Yūichi Sakakura, Kenichi Matsubara, Satoko Minami


4 – Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan Advance (GBA) – “Pair of Mojipittan” – Satoru Kousaki, Nobuyuki Ohnogi, Toshio Kai, Masaru Shiina, Kanako Kakino, Yuri Misumi


“Songs You Can Twerk To” Category

5 – Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior) (PS1/Saturn/Arcade)- “Deserted Chateau (Morrigan’s Stage)” – Takayuki Iwai, Masato Kouda


6 – Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space (Xbox) – “Sky World” – Tomonori Sawada, Keiichi Sugiyama


“Genesis Sidescrollers with non-English Titles” Category

7 – El Viento (Genesis) – “Stage 1 – New York City” – Motoi Sakuraba


8 – Chelnov: Atomic Runner (Genesis) – “Chelnov Theme” –   Azusa Hara, Hiroaki Yoshida, Tatsuya Kiuchi, Tenno;  Arranged by Masaaki Iwasaki


“Indie Games You Should Totally Play” Category

9 – Giana Sisters DS (DS) – “Main Theme” – Chris Huelsbeck, Fabian Del Priore


10 – Axiom Verge (Indie) – “Inexorable” – Thomas Happ


“Creative use of FM Chips” Category

11 – Road Rash 3 (Genesis) – Title Theme” – Don Veca


12 – Bosconian (X68000) – “Flash Flash Flash” – Yuzo Koshiro, Noboyuki Ohnagi


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