Episode 66: DOOM


Download Episode 66: “DOOM” here!

Hot on the heels of the new DOOM release, PTR is back with a scorching collection of songs from the franchise. Marvel at how far video game music has come in the last 20 years with direct comparisons of the original PC version of DOOM and the modern era’s industrial metal face-melters!  Plus, you might learn a thing or two about the stories behind some of the game’s more infamous console ports. Start throwing those devil’s horns in the air!

Thanks to Ezekiel Lawrence, Chris Myers, and Niko Gutierrez for submitting PixelChat questions. Send YOUR questions for us to answer at pixeltunesradio@gmail.com!

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The Tracklist:

DOOM is developed and published by id Software

DOOM (PC, SNES) Composed by Bobby Prince
DOOM (3DO) Composed by Bobby Prince, arranged by Randy Scott & Brian Celand
DOOM 2 (PC) Composed by Bobby Prince
Final DOOM (PC) Composed by Jonathan El-Bizri, Josh Martel, L.A. Sieben, Tom              Mustaine
DOOM PSX – Composed by Aubrey Hodges
New DOOM (PC, PS4, XB1) Composed by Mick Gordon & Richard Devine

1 – DOOM – “E1M1 – At Doom’s Gate” – PC, SNES, & 3DO versions

2 – New DOOM – “At Doom’s Gate”

3 – Doom 2 – “Map 1 & 15 – Running From Evil”

4 – New DOOM – “The Burning Hells”

5 – DOOM – “E1M9 – Hiding the Secrets” – PC, SNES, & 3DO versions

6 – Final DOOM – “Plutonia Map 4 – System Control”

7 – New DOOM – “Rip & Tear”

8 – DOOM – “E1M4 – Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names) – PC, SNES, & 3DO versions

9 – DOOM PSX – “Menu”



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