Episode 82: A Chat with Matt Furniss


Download Episode 82: “A Chat with Matt Furniss” here!

With soundtracks like Puggsy, Wiz ‘n Liz, and Alien 3 to his name, composer Matt Furniss has been recognized as one of the most unique and talented musicians to grace the Sega Genesis. On this very special episode of PixelTunes Radio, Mike and Ed sit down with Matt himself to talk about his career, his music, and the technology behind his compositions! The PTR guys have chosen a few tracks of his that you may not be too aware of, while Mr. Furniss brings down the house with a few ending themes from some of the games he’s worked on. As a bonus, he’s also brought along an exclusive track from Fear Effect Sedna, marking his first game composition in almost two decades!

Thanks to Came Werme, KeyGlyph, Daniel Tolin, Mega Drive Profile, and Nathan for submitting questions for Matt. Send YOUR questions for us to answer on future episodes at pixeltunesradio@gmail.com!

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The Tracklist:

Format: Game Title (System, Year) – Track Title

*All Songs Composed and Performed by Matt Furniss*

Intro – Puggsy (Genesis, 1993) – “Flour Power”

1 – Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters (Atari ST, 1990) – “Title Theme”

2 – Shadow Warriors (Ninja Gaiden) – (Amiga, 1990) – “Intro Music”

3 – Booger Man  – (Genesis, 1994) – “Ending Theme”

4 – Cytron (Amiga, 1992) – “Title Theme”

5 – Nanotek Warrior – (PS1, 1997) –  “CD Track 6”

6 – The Adventures of Mighty Max (Genesis, 1994) – “Ending Theme”

7 – Botics (Atari ST, 1990) – “Title Theme”

8 – Alien 3 (Genesis, 1992) – “Stage 2”

9 – Bills Tomato Game (Genesis, Unreleased) – “Ending Theme”

10 – Second Samurai (Mega Drive, 1994) – “Ending Theme”

11 – Fido Dido (Mega Drive, Unreleased) – “Ending Theme”

12 – Legend of Galahad – (Genesis, 1992) – “Ending Theme”

Outro – Fear Effect Sedna (2017, PS4,Steam) – “Title/ Menu Theme”

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2 Responses to Episode 82: A Chat with Matt Furniss

  1. xeogred says:

    Great episode! I love how Matt really loves and knows his stuff… always a bummer when some veterans forget everything or shy away from their projects of the past, but not Matt! He was a well of knowledge and sounded like just as much of a fan us as fans for chiptunes.

  2. Nathan Daniels says:

    Great episode, guys! Thanks for asking my question on air. I’m into hi-fi now, at least as much as my budget will allow, so it was nice to hear that Matt cared about these things too. When I was in high school, I had a hand-me-down stereo from the 70’s. It wasn’t super awesome, but it did the trick. And I used that thing more for playing Genesis and SNES games than even listening to music. I still remember plugging Streets Of Rage in for the first time, and listening to that bass drop in the intro. Still gives me shivers.

    In any case, Matt Furniss is an awesome guest and I’m so glad you folks got to talk to him.

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