Episode 92: Quintet with Todd


Download Episode 92: “Quintet with Todd” here!

Perhaps most well-known in North America for the ActRaiser and Soul Blazer series, the little development house known as Quintet went on to release some very unique titles in Japan long after we’d forgotten all about them.  In this episode, Todd (a huge fan of the Soul Blazer series himself) joins Ed and Mike to explore Quintet’s catalog and soundtracks.

Thanks to Todd, KeyGlyph, Bend Ishman, and Cam Chiles for submitting PixelChat questions. Send YOUR questions for us to answer at pixeltunesradio@gmail.com!

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The Tracklist:

Format: Game Title (System, Year) – Track Title – Composer(s)

1 – ActRaiser (SNES, 1990) – “Theme from ActRaiser” – Yuzo Koshiro

2 – Soul Blazer (1992, SNES) – “Lostside Marshes” & “Basement of Dr. Leo” – Yukihide Takekawa, arr. by Kazuhiko Toyama

3 – ActRaiser 2 (1993, SNES) – “Banishing of Tanzra” – Yuzo Koshiro

4 – Illusion of Gaia (1994, SNES) “Descent into Darkness” & “Golden Road” – Yasuhiro Kawasaki

5 – Robotrek (1994, SNES) – “Research & Development” & “ Hometown in Autumn” – Ayako Yoda, Produced by Yuzo Koshiro

6 – Terranigma (1995, SFC) – “Crysta (Hometown)” – Miyoko Takaoka, Masanori Hikichi

7 – The Granstream Saga (1998, PS1) – “Last Boss Battle” – Masanori Hikichi, Miyoko Takaoka, Takako Ochiai

8 – Solo Crisis (1998, Saturn) – “BGM08” – Naoki Kaneda

9 – Code R (Saturn, 1998) – “BGM38” – Masanori Hikichi, Takako Ochiai, Akihiro Jūichiya, Naoki Kaneda

10 – Planet Laika (1999, PS1) – “BGM61” – Akihiro Jūichiya, Takako Ochiai

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