Episode 107: The Music of the PC-98


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The PC-98 series of computers wasn’t really meant to play games. Ironically, it became the system with one of the most robust collections of it’s time. Packed with the option of two fantastic FM-synthesis soundchips, there was no shortage of incredible music for this unassuming beige box. In this episode, Mike and Ed explore some of the best music the PC-98 has to offer!

After recording this episode, we discovered that the first song we play (attributed to “unknown”) was in fact composed by Ryu Umemoto.

WARNING: Due to the adult nature of the games in this episode, there are some descriptions of mature content. While we strive to keep it in PG-13 territory, you may not want to listen with your kids or grandma.

 Thanks to Trevin Hughes, , Chris Murray, and Key Glyph for submitting PixelChat questions. Send YOUR questions for us to answer at pixeltunesradio@gmail.com!

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The Tracklist:

Format: Game Title (Publisher, Year) – Track Title – Composer(s) [Sound Chip]

1 – Rall III: Kakusei-hen (Fairy Dust, 1994) – “Battle 1 – Winning Expectation” – Ryu Umemoto [OPN]

2 – Ningyō Tsukai 2 [Metal & Lace 2] – (Forest, 1996) – “VS J Mantis” – Hideki Higuchi [OPNA]

3 – Rhyme Star (Starcraft, 1994) “World 12“ – Takeshi Abo [OPNA]

4 – Zatsuon Ryoiki (D.O, 1994) – “Introductory Scene – Highway” – Ryuuichirou Fujisawa, Hiro Tachibana [OPN]

5 – Possessioner (Queen Soft, 1994) “Labotech/Dr. Lashmar” – Hiroaki Sano, Masahiro Kajihara [OPN]

6 – Cross Changer (Ucom, 1994) – “Action 1” – Suzunosuke Himekiri [OPNA]

7 – Virgin Angel – (Crystal Soft, 1995) “Virgin Angel’s Theme 2 – Staff Roll” – Sen Shibata [OPNA]

8 – Night Slave (Melody, 1996) – “Hard Rushing” – Yuki Nakayama (PANDA) [OPN]

9 – Silent Mobius: Case Titanic Reproduction (Gainax & D4Enterprise, 1990) “Silent City” – Masahiro Kajiwara, Hiroe Suga [OPN]

10 – Waku Waku Mahjong Panic! 2 (Four-Nine & Excellents, 1996) – “Totsugeki” – Kazumichi Moegi [OPNA]

11 – Trouble Outsiders – (Petit, 1996) “A Battle With Destiny” – Shiori Ueno [OPNA]

12 – Amy to Yobanaide [Don’t Call me Amy] (C’s Ware, 1995) – “Tomomi-kun” – Ryu Umemoto [OPNA]

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4 Responses to Episode 107: The Music of the PC-98

  1. Nathan Daniels says:

    What unrelated function would I like to see on a console? DAMMIT, Ed, you had my idea! 😀 I was thinking about a coffee maker added to the SNES, for those fantastic RPG all-nighters. Espresso is better though, but it would take too much attention. You gotta be watching to pull those perfect shots!

    • Haha! OK, howsabout we do the coffee maker on the SNES because it’s cartridge-based, and then we do the espresso machine on the PS2 (or better yet, the Neo Geo CD) for the long load times. On the NGCD, you’d have plenty of time to pull a good 26 second shot and probably steam some milk before the game loaded! ^.^


  2. Eric Green says:

    I love the frequency molulated synth chips. The composers who worked with these chips are somehow more artistic in their craft. I wont stop until ive heard all the fm synth content and your podcast is helping me do that. Thank you for making pixelated audio

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