PixelTunes Radio Episode 11: Totally Game Boy!

PixelTunes Radio Episode 11: Totally Game Boy!

Nintendo’s portable system saw many different revisions over its run, starting with bulky monochrome devices, and evolving into sleek bodies with color displays.  Composers from all over the world made its tiny little speaker sing some amazing songs, and the dudes from PTR are here to show you some shining examples.

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The Tracklist:

1. Nintendo Power GB Memory Cart – “Menu Theme” – Composer Unknown

2. Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge – “New Messiah” – Hidehiro Funauchi


3. Rhino Rumble – “Desert” – Jeroen Tel

4. Shantae – “Burning Town” – Jake Virt Kaufman

Game Bro Commercial


  1. Das Geheimnis der Happy Hippo Insel – “Der Sonnenstrand” – Stello Doussis

6. Battletoads – “Wicked Wurm” – David Wise


7. Turok: Rage Wars – “Track 6” – Alberto Jose Gonzalez

8. Metal Gear Solid (Ghost Babel) – “Inflitration 2″ – Kazuki Muraoka, NorihikoHibino

Metal Gear Commercial


9. Project S-11 – “Ekans Desert” – Jonne Valtonen and Aleksi Eeben

10. Ninja Gaiden Shadow – “Closing Credits” – Hiroyuki Iwatsuki


Thanks to everyone for your awesome support and kind words!  We’re having a great time bringing video game music to your speakers, and we’re happy that you guys are loving it, too!

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