PixelTunes Radio Episode 12: Game Boy Advance #GBAwesome

PixelTunes Radio Episode 12: Game Boy Advance #GBAwesome

Sure, it wasn’t the FIRST color portable gaming system, but it was the was first one to offer a huge library of titles and a ton of great music!  The Game Boy Advance captured hosts Mike and Ed’s hearts, and they bring you some of their favorite portable 32-bit tunes.  Learn about what made the system so great, why its audio hardware was so unique, and why a certain tune is referred to as “the phantom track!”  Enjoy!

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The Tracklist:


1. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance – Offense and Defense – Soshiro Hokkai/ Michiru Yamane

2. Racing Gears Advance – Menu – Neil Voss


3. Konami’s Krazy Racers (a.k.a. Wai Wai Racing) – Sky Bridge – Sotaro Tojima

4. Ninja-Five-O – Master of Flame – Aya Tanaka, Hiroyuki Tsuboguchi

Ninja-Five-O Commercial


5. Sonic Advance 2 (Beta) – Leaf Forest (Beta Track) – Tastuyuki Maeda/Yutaka Minobe/Teruhiko Nakagawa

6. Pinball of the Dead – Movement (Muddy) – Tetsuya Kawauchi, Hitoshi Sakimoto


7. Sigma Star Saga – City Under Siege – Shin’en

8. Serious Sam Advance – Menu – Matt Simmonds (4mat)

GBA commercial


9. Astro Boy: The Omega Factor – Metro City – Norino Hanzawa / Tsuyoshi Kaneko

10. Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising – Jess’s Theme – Yoshito Hirano



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