Episode 26: NES Appreciation with WiiGuy

Download “Episode 26: NES Appreciation with WiiGuy” here! <– (right click and “save as”)

If you’ve searched for NES soundtracks on YouTube before, chances are you’ve listened to one of WiiGuy’s uploads.  Just who IS the guy behind “WiiGuy?”  Find out on this episode of PixelTunes Radio! Niko (aka WiiGuy) shares ten of his favorite NES tracks with us, some of which are new to the PTR boys.  It’s an 8-bit extravaganza featuring retro superstar composers like the Follin brothers, Neil Baldwin, and Alberto Gonzalez!

The Tracklist:

1 – Magician – Title Screen / Prologue – Neil Baldwin

2 – Target: Renegade – Levels 1-3: Parking Garage – Tim Follin, Stephen Ruddy

3 – Overlord – Title Screen – Jeroen Tel

4 – Ultimate Stuntman – Street / Microlight Combat (Stage #-2 Sections) – Gavin Raeburn

5 – Asterix – Acts 2 & 3: Helvetia / Spain – Alberto Jose Gonzalez

6 – After Burner II – Stage Theme 1 (Final Take Off) – Naoki Kodaka, Naohisa Morota

7 – War on Wheels – Ending – Paul Webb, Ken Moore

8 – Greg Norman’s Golf Power – Menu – Barry Leitch

9 – Wolverine – Title Screen / The End? – Geoff Follin, Stephen Ruddy

10 – Lethal Weapon – Ending / Credits – Neil Baldwin


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1 Response to Episode 26: NES Appreciation with WiiGuy

  1. XombieMike says:

    I wish Neil Baldwin would make more music. It’s so good!

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