Episode 45: Classic Sportstacular


Download Episode 45 – “Classic Sportstacular” Here!

Shoot! Dive! Kick! Run! Mike and Ed swing for the fences in this super-sporty episode of PixelTunes Radio. Jam to a bunch of classic tracks from names like Koji Kondo and Jeroen Tel, and score some extra VGM knowledge with some obscure (and amazing) titles! Whether you’re a mega fan, or just a casual spectator, this episode has a little something for everyone.

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The Tracklist:

Format: Game Title (System) – Track Title – Composer

1 – NBA Give ‘n Go (SNES) “In-Game BGM 5” – Masahiko Kimura
2 – NBA Jam T.E. (SNES) – “Title Screen” – Jon Hey

3 – Extra Innings (SNES) – “Menu” & “Massive Stadium” – Tetsuya Furumoto, Katsunori Ujiie, Takafumi Fujisawa

Football (American):
4 – Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) – “Playoffs, Player 1”- Keiji Yamagishi, Ryuichi Nitta

5 – Ice Hockey (NES) – “In Game Theme” – Soyo Oka, Koji Kondo

6 – Mario Strikers Charged (Wii) – “Classroom” – Mike Peacock, Darren Radtke, Chad York

7- Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo) – “Grand Canyon Course (USA)” – Takushi Hiyamuta

Extreme Sports:
8 – Skate or Die (NES) “Joust” – Rob Hubbard, Kyle Granger, Christopher Grigg
9 – Winter Gold – (SNES) “Menu” – Jeroen Tel

Dodge Ball:
10 – Super Dodge Ball (Neo Geo) “Riki Team Stage” – IDA

Air Racing:
11 – Pilotwings Resort (3DS) – “Pedal Glider” – Asuka Ito

12 – Side Pocket (Genesis) – “Ace in the Hole” – Emi Shimizu


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