Episode 46: Castlevania vol. 2 – Handhelds


Download Episode 46: “Castlevania vol. 2 – Handhelds” Here!

It’s our first show of October, and as promised 1 year ago this month, Mike and Ed are back with another podcast focusing on Castlevania!  This time, the guys tackle the portable titles, starting with the Game Boy and following the series lineage up to the 3DS. They discuss how the handheld soundtracks have evolved over the years, and of course play some of their favorite music from the games.  Dracula may be right around the corner, but we promise that this episode doesn’t “suck!”

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The Tracklist:

Format: Game Title (Year) (System) – Track Title – Composer

1 – Castlevania: The Adventure (1989) (GB) – “Darkness” – Shigeru Fukutake, Norio Hanzawa, Hidehiro Funauchi

2 – Castlevania 2: Belmont’s Revenge (1991) (GB) – “Ripe Seeds” – Hidehiro Funauchi

3 – Kid Dracula (1993) (GB) – “Volcano” – Akiko Itoh

4 – Castlevania Legends (1997) (GB) – “Dungeon of Silence” – Kaoru Okada, Youichi Iwata

5 – Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (2001) (GBA) – “The Sinking Old Sanctuary” – Sotaro Tojima, Hiroshi Mitsuoka

6 – Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (2002) (GBA) – “Clockwork Tower of Causality” – Soshiro Hokkai, Michiru Yamane

7 – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (2003) (GBA) – “Floating Garden” (Track 9 on album) – Michiru Yamane, Takashi Yoshida, Soshiro Hokkai

8 – Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (2005) (DS) – “Dracula’s Tears” – Michiru Yamane, Masahiko Kimura

9 – Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (2006) (DS) – “The Gears Go Awry” – Michiru Yamane, Yuzo Koshiro

10 – Dracula X Chronicles (2007) (PSP) – “Unknown” – Michiru Yamane, Masanori Akita

11 – Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (2008) (DS) – “Sorrow’s Distortion” – Michiru Yamane, Yasuhiro Ichihashi

12 – Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate (2013) (3DS) – “Night Watchman” – Oscar Araujo, Performed by The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra



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1 Response to Episode 46: Castlevania vol. 2 – Handhelds

  1. Ben says:

    Hey i just found your podcast randomly and was going through your backlog. I wanted to give you a heads up on the dracula x chronicles song it is called cross your heart and the reason you never got to this track in the game is it is from the orginal rondo of blood for the pc engine. The reason its on the soundtrak for dracula x is you can unlock a full version of rondo of blood in english. You ever need a question anwsered about castlevania i would be happy to help. Love the show and keep up the good work.

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