Episode 47: Spooky Tunes 2


Download Episode 47: “Spooky Tunes 2” Here!

It’s SpoOOoOoOOky Tunes 2!

THRILL – To a collection of monstrous VGM tracks, from ghastly composers like Alberto Jose Gonzalez, Jake Kaufman, and Naoki Kodaka!

CHILL – As Mike and Ed dig their favorite scary games out of their graves and explain why they’re just so SpoOoOoOky!

FEEL ILL – As you attempt to count up the number of times the guys say “spooky” for this year’s contest!

Halloween is upon us, and that means it’s time for another annual Spooky Tunes show!  In this episode, Danny Harrington is back with a new Halloween-themed game, and we’ve got an exclusive track from him to share with you!  Then, get taken on a haunted video game tour as we share some scary VGM written by composers from all over the world.

Check out Danny’s new game, “Blood Oath Classic,” at Harrowed Creations, and check his music out at his Bandcamp page!  They’re the perfect companions for a spooktacular Halloween season!

Also, head over to our pal Mike McDaniel’s Official Bloodstained Fan Forum and listen to his awesome Podcast about all things Castlevania and Bloodstained!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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The Tracklist:

Format: Game Title (Year) (System) – Track Title – Composer

Intro – Blood Oath Classic (2015) (PC) – “Ominous Pipe Dream” – Danny Harrington

1 – Undead Line (1991) (Mega Drive) – “Forest” – Kazunori Hasegawa

2 – Fester’s Quest (1989) (NES) – “Sewer” – Naoki Kodaka

3 – Baby Felix Halloween (2001) (GB) – “Halloween Theme” – Alberto Jose Gonzalez

4 – Splatterhouse (2001) (XBOX 360, PS3)  – “Reflections in Blood” – Howard Drossin

5 – SOMA (2015) (PC) – “SOMA Theme” – Mikko Tarmia

6 – Haunting Ground (2005) (PS2) – “Last Daniella” – Seiko Kobuchi, Shinya Okada

7 – Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ (2008) (DS) – “Little Pig” – Guillermo Badolato Cillero, Jorge Badolato Cillero

8 – Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (1995) (SNES) – “Gymnasium – Part 3” – Greg Turner

9 – Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1993) (SNES) – “Zombie Panic” – Joe McDermott

10 – Master of Darkness (1992) (Sega Master System) – “Epitaph (Stage 3)” – Yoko WadaTakashi Horiguchi

11 – Sweet Home (1989) (NES) – “Central Lobby” – Junko Tamiya

12 – Bloodrayne Betrayal (2011) (XBOX 360, PS3, PC) – “Sanguine Nightmare” – Jake Kaufman

Outro – “Sanguine Nightmare (NES Version)” – Jake Kaufman



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