Episode 56: Elemental Master


Download Episode 56: “Elemental Master” Here!

TecnoSoft released Elemental Master to North American audiences in 1993 with very little fanfare. The unassuming vertical shoot ’em up wasn’t destined for retail greatness,  but that doesn’t mean it was a bad game! Listen in as Mike and Ed take this Genesis title for a spin. You won’t believe how amazing Toshiharu Yamanishi’s music is! This episode is a total rock-fest, with blistering FM-driven 16 bit guitars and wailing keyboard solos that you won’t want to miss!  Also, stay tuned till the end for a PTR EXCLUSIVE premiere cover song of a track featured on the episode!

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The Tracklist:

Elemental Master for the Sega Genesis
Developed by TechnoSoft, Published by Renovation
Soundtrack composed by Toshiharu Yamanishi 

Great Spirit Overture (Opening)

Cursed Destiny (Visual Scene 1)

Temptation of the Devil (Stage Select)

Dance of Flame (Stage 1)

Like the Wind (Stage 2)

Until the End of the Earth (Stage 3)

Evil Beat (Stage 3 Boss)

Blood-Stained Lake (Stage 4)

Spectre Living in the Water (Stage 4 Boss)

Terror of the Glacier (Stage 5)

Den of Evil (Stage 6)

Suspicious Beauty (Stage 6 Boss – Salome)

Shudder of Darkness (Stage 7)

Fate (Stage 7 Boss)

King Gyra’s Revival (Final Boss)

Sorrowful Requiem (Ending)

Setting out (Staff Roll)

Like the Wind – Retro Shredded by Jeff Leppard

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