Episode 63: Battle Clash Crescendo


Download Episode 63: “Battle Clash Crescendo” here!

While the SNES Super Scope went largely ignored by the gaming community in the mid-nineties, those who owned one were treated to two of the best light-gun based games on the market. Battle Clash and its sequel Metal Combat were one-on-one mech combat games that saw the player facing off against some tough and crafty foes. Yuka Tsujiyoko, famous for her compositions and sound direction on many Fire Emblem soundtracks, lent her talents to these games, and the music is definitely worthy of a spotlight. Hoist those plastic bazookas up on your shoulders and take aim at this latest episode of PTR!

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The Tracklist:

Battle Clash
(Intelligent Systems/ Nintendo, SNES, 1992)
Composed by Yuka Tsujiyoko

1 – Guido, Piloting Garam

2 – Lorca, Piloting Lorca

3 – Tasha, Piloting Artemis

4 – Alfred, Piloting Schneider

5 – Antonov, Piloting Ivan

6 – Carlos, Piloting Baron

Metal Combat
(Intelligent Systems/ Nintendo, SNES, 1993)
Composed by Yuka Tsujiyoko, Kenichi Nishimaki, and Masaya Kuzume

7 – Title Theme

8 – Training Theme

9 – Guido, Piloting Garam Mk. II

10 – Orosoh, Piloting Griffin

11 – Carlos, Piloting Viscount

12 – Anubis, Piloting Thanatos

13 – Danpe, Piloting Arachnus

14 – Battle Clash Statistics Theme

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