Episode 69: Follin Back in Time

Download Episode 69: “Follin Back in Time” here!

Tim Follin may be remembered for writing amazing soundtracks to titles like Silver Surfer (NES) and Rock ‘n Roll Racing (SNES), but his career as one of the most celebrated western VGM composers started long before that. Join us as we explore the early careers of Tim and his brothers, Mike and Geoff!  You’ll hear music from the very first game Tim composed for in 1985, and we’ll pick out more musical highlights as we discuss his music in what we’re calling Volume 1 of the Follin story.  Have your local emergency number on speed dial, because we’re sure your face is going to melt right off!

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The Tracklist:

Format: Game Title (System, Year) – Track Title – Composer(s)

1 – Subterranean Stryker (ZX Spectrum 48k, 1985, Insight) – “Title” – Tim Follin

2 – Chronos: A Tapestry of Time (ZX Spectrum 48k, 1987, The Radical Tubes, Mastertronic) – “Title” – Tim Follin

3 – Agent X II (ZX Spectrum 128k, 1987, Software Creations, Mastertronic) – “Title [AY + Beeper]’ – Tim Follin

4 – Agent X II (C64, 1987, Software Creations, Mastertronic) – “Flying Section” – Tim Follin

5 – Bionic Commando (Atari ST, 1988, Capcom, Go! Media Holdings) – “The Castle” – Tim Follin

6 – LED Storm (Amiga, 1988, Software Creations, Capcom) – “Title” – Tim & Mike Follin

7 – Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (C64, 1989, Software Creations, US Gold) – “Title” – Tim Follin

8 – Qix (Amiga, 1989, Alien Technology Group, Taito) “High Score” – Tim Follin

9 – Sly Spy: Secret Agent (Amiga, 1989, Software Creations) – “Stage Theme 1” – Tim Follin, Geoff Follin

10 – Magic Johnson’s Basketball (C64, 1989, Virgin Mastertronic) – “Title” – Tim Follin

11 – Puzznic (Amiga, 1990, Software Creations, Ocean) – “Title” – Tim Follin

12 – Gauntlet III (Amiga, 1991, Software Creations, US Gold) – “Tune 1” – Tim Follin

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