Episode 89: Same Song Different System: Undercover Cops


Download Episode 89: “Same Song Different System: Undercover Cops” here!

Today’s episode is a focus on Undercover Cops, an arcade beat ‘em up developed by Irem in 1992  that was later ported to the Super Famicom in 1995.  It featured a soundtrack that heavily relied on contemporary influences, namely New Jack Swing and R&B, complete with vocal samples and epic orchestra hits.  The man behind both versions of the music is Takushi Hiyamuta, well-known for his work on Super R-Type, Neo Turf Masters, and the Metal Slug series. Using their patented “Same Song, Different System” formula, Mike and Ed compare the Arcade and Super Famicom versions of the soundtrack to see which one really stands out as the best overall OST. The results may surprise you!

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The Tracklist:

Undercover Cops
Arcade Version: 1992, Developed and Published by Irem
Super Famicom Version: 1995, Developed by Varie and Published by Irem
Composed and Arranged by Takushi Hiyamuta

Intro – “Assessment Day”

1 – “Northern Barramundi” (Stage 1)

2 – “Nasty Loud Quack” (Boss

3 – “Sarah Sowertty” (Stage 2-1)

4 – “Chaca Chaca Move Ya” (Stage 2-2)

5 – “Redtailed Cat” (Stage 3)

6 – “Dandy N.D.” (Stage 4)

7 – “Than Hawk Anger” (Stage 5-1)

8 – “Indifferent Zero Other” (Stage 5-2, Black’s Theme)

9 – “An-Non To-Ki-Me-Ki Street”

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